Why we recommend genuine consumables

Why buy genuine toner vs compatible toner 

Some manufacturers claim that their compatible toners & consumables are comparable to genuine consumables. But beware, they can’t offer the integrated design and strict quality control of Genuine OEM toner & consumables. Cheap imitations often compromise print quality, reliability and performance — causing unnecessary downtime and costly damage to your Printer.

    Beware of the “cheaper alternative” sold online...

    Refill or remanufacturing toners is a legitimate industry and these toners are usually labeled as compatibles. However compatible toners are never endorsed by the brand owners. Such Non-Genuine toners may save you money in the short term but these “cheaper alternatives” often add up to an expensive repair bill down the road. Damage to your printer/product caused by Non-Genuine supplies is not covered under any manufacturers warranty or service agreement and is the sole responsibility of the customer.