Fuji Xerox Multifunction Copiers

The Printer Clinic Adelaide is an Authorised Fuji Xerox Elite Partner allowing us to offer clients the best price on Fuji Xerox Multifunction Copiers. 


Fuji Xerox A4 Mono Multifunction Copiers

DocuPrint M375z - Print & Copy Speed ppm - Scan Speed ppm

ApeosPort-VII 4021 - Print & Copy Speed 48ppm - Scan Speed 96ppm

ApeosPort-VII 5021 - Print & Copy Speed 53ppm - Scan Speed 105ppm


Fuji Xerox A4 Colour Multifunction Copiers

DocuPrint CM315z - Print & Copy Speed 28ppm - Scan Speed 32ppm

ApeosPort-VII C3321 - Print & Copy Speed 35ppm - Scan Speed  96ppm

ApeosPort-VII C4421 - Print & Copy Speed 40ppm - Scan Speed 105ppm


Fuji Xerox A3 Colour Multifunction Copiers

DocuCentre SC2022 - Print & Copy Speed 20ppm - Scan Speed 27ppm

ApeosPort-VII C2560 - Print & Copy Speed 25ppm - Scan Speed 55ppm


For more information on Fuji Xerox Copiers contact us today.

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Email: sales@theprinterclinic.com.au



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