Purchase a Multifunction Printer for Sale in Adelaide with The Printer Clinic

If you are in the market for a multifunction printer for sale, reach out to the professionals at The Printer Clinic for a quality selection. With three decades of industry experience, we work directly with clients to determine the best multifunction printer for their business. 

What You Should Consider When Buying a Multifunction Printer 

A leading consideration among clients scanning through our selection of multifunction printers in Adelaide is what they will need to use the machine for and how often they will use it. A multifunction printer for sale not only prints out your documents but also makes copies and scans and has fax capabilities.

Another factor to think about is whether you have a brand preference. Some top names in the industry for multifunction printers in Adelaide are Lexmark, Fuji Xerox, and Oki. Our company is proud to be a distributor of these well-respected brands. We maintain centres throughout Australia to ship your machine quickly.

Before finalising your order, think about how often your workplace will use the machine. The Lexmark XM1246 A4 Mono Multifunction Printer prints a document within 6 seconds. Combined with an easy-to-navigate touch screen, this printer is perfect for a small company that needs to produce documents quickly. Larger companies would benefit from investing in the Lexmark XM5365 A4 Mono Multifunction Printer. This unit is built to produce between 5,000 and 75,000 pages per month in 4.2 seconds with the capability of connecting to your local network. We can provide you with the price of any unit upon request.

Benefits of Multifunction Printers in Adelaide 

There are many advantages to using multifunction printers in Adelaide in your office. The top benefit is that one machine can perform numerous essential office tasks, which makes these pieces of equipment very convenient. Accessing multiple options through one machine is a time-saver for your employees because it allows them to go to just one location in the office to complete any critical printing job.

Purchasing a multifunction printer can be both a cost-saver and space-saver. Instead of taking up your filing or storage room with several machines, use a multifunction printer that will fit nicely in any section of the area without taking up too much space. You will likely see a decrease in your electricity bill because you will not need to run numerous units to get your work done.

Reach out to Us for a Multifunction Printer for Sale Today 

The team at The Printer Clinic is ready to help you manage all your printing, scanning, and copying needs. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for anything printing-related which is why we offer a variety of services including in-person machine repairs and managed print options.

Our customer service team is trained on the unique details associated with each of your choices for a multifunction printer for sale, and we are happy to discuss the particulars with you to ensure that you feel comfortable with your purchase.

To learn more about our inventory, please send us a message.


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